One Hour Enamel Paint (Quart - 32oz)

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An incredibly tough fast dry acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require quick return to service and an abrasion resistant finish. With its’ quick dry, quick sand and quick re-coat times ONE HOUR ENAMEL helps you get the job done faster than conventional acrylic finishes. The products’ superior resistance to blocking means that you will be able to put doors and windows back in service much quicker than with competitive acrylic finishes.

• 90% Cured in One Hour after paint is dry
• Self-levels with a Satin Finish
• Built-in topcoat that dries to a stone-hard finish
• Very Low VOC’s—these dissipate quickly with rapid dry time
• Available in Quarts and Gallons. Coverage per Gallon is approximately 400sq feet.
• Do not use Wax over Enamel
• Recommended recoat time is 2 hours
• Recommend: Wise Owl Primer before use for superior adhesion
• Recommended roller: microfiber 3/16 inch
• If spraying, you may thin with water if needed but not more than 10%
• If using Glaze over Enamel, no need to use Varnish first. Apply glaze right over Enamel. Must seal the glaze with Varnish.
• Do not overwork. Lay down enough paint so that it has enough product to self-level but avoid drips.
• If using Enamel on a floor or countertop, SATIN Varnish is recommended as a top coat if you are painting a light color, if it is in a high traffic area, or if it is in a place that will see heavy moisture/spills such as kitchens and baths.
• Do NOT use shellac as a primer with One Hour Enamel! It will cause the paint to crackle.

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