My latest obsession…Chalk Couture!

Jun 11, 2019 | Create

Creating with Chalk Couture

Everything you see here comes in the amazing starter kit for only $99!  An amazing value with everything you need to get started!

Late last year I was browsing through some of my favorite crafter’s Facebook pages and Chalk Couture kept coming up.  Being the serial crafter I am, I was immediately intrigued!  After watching a few demonstration videos, I KNEW this was something that I had to add to my business.  So I got online, picked a random sponsor in my area (shout out to Nikki!) and anxiously awaited the arrival of my starter kit.  After the very first project I completed, I ordered more supplies…much more! 

The Process

Creating with Chalk Couture is SO simple!  First you choose your surface out of the many awesome surfaces Chalk Couture provides.  One of the great things about Chalk Couture designs is that you can do them on essentially any surface!  I’ve done glass, wood boards, even walls!  For this project I used the 9×12 White Greyson Boutique Frame.  Next you take your reusable silkscreen transfer and place it on your surface.  Yes, you read that right: REUSABLE!  Each transfer is made to be reused 8-10 times, but with proper care it can be used even more.  After use, transfers are simply rinsed with water and laid flat, sticky side up to dry.   

Once your transfer is on your surface, the fun begins!  Apply your paste with a squeegee to your transfer and remove excess paste with the squeegee.  My favorite squeegee is the mini, but there are several sizes! 

Once your paste has been applied, you can pull up your transfer to reveal your design!  It’s really THAT easy!  Be sure to work fairly quickly as your paste does dry fast.  If it dries on your transfer it will pull up the paste and leave gaps in your design.  However, all you need to do is wipe off the existing paste and try again!

I know you will love Chalk Couture as much as I do!  It’s perfect for both the novice and experienced crafter and at great prices.  I love how in less than five minutes I can create a meaningful handmade gift or easily change out the décor in my home.  Chalk Couture offers so much more than just chalkboards with pallet boards and ink to be used on fabric!  There is a wide variety of transfer designs that coordinate with seasons and holidays.  Be sure to hop on over to my shop to browse the catalog.  You can also follow my projects on my Chalk Couture Facebook page and join my customer group where I post exclusive sales and specials and YOU can share your projects with our community!  I can’t wait to see what you create!