Farmhouse Patio Table and Bench

May 24, 2020 | Build, Free Plans

Patio furniture is expensive!

In Minnesota we spend so much time inside during the winter months so when the weather turns warmer, I spend as much time outdoors as I can.  We recently moved to a farm and our new home has a large deck.  Soon after we moved in, I began looking for patio furniture as the only patio furniture we had was a small table and four chairs.  I found amazing sectional sofas, comfy chairs, and beautiful dining sets.  I began to get a good idea of how I wanted our outdoor space to look.  Then I started adding up the dollar signs.   

I quickly realized that I could spend around $1000 on a cheap set that would maybe last a season or two or I could spend several thousand dollars to get a higher quality set that may make it 5 years.  Neither option was all that appealing to me.  So, I sat down and drew up plans to build it.

The Plans

The first thing I built was a dining table and bench.  I built this set with the intention of keeping it outdoors in the elements so I used pressure treated wood.  These plans can be modified for a table and bench for indoor use by using standard pine or any other wood choice.  Plans are for a 6 foot table and coordinating bench.  I used my existing 4 chairs as seating so I only built one bench for this table.    

Wood Buy List

(2) 8′ 4×4’s

(3) 8′ 1×4’s

(10) 8′ 2×6’s




Products Used

Wise Owl Glaze

Wise Owl Varnish

Tools and other materials

Kreg Jig

Kreg Screws (2 1/2 and 1 1/4) Blue Coated for Outdoor Use

Miter Saw or Circular Saw

Power Sander

Power Drill

apron attachment

First, you want to assemble your base.  I built both my table and bench at the same time so that I worked the same steps on each project.  Drill two Kreg pocket holes inside each 1×4 and use 2 1/2″ Kreg Screws to attach to the 4×4’s.  I like to inset the 1×4’s by laying another 1×4 underneath when I drill into the 4×4’s.  It adds a little more decorative interest to the base as opposed to placing it directly on the edge.  Once you have the outside of the base, add 3 1×4’s to the inside for extra support.  You will measure for these pieces and cut once your outside base is built as the measurements for these pieces will vary based on where you attached your 1×4’s to your 4×4’s.  


Next you will need to drill pocket holes in your frame to attach your top boards.  You will use your Kreg Jig and adjust the settings for a board with 3/4 thickness.  Be sure to set both your jig and your drill bit to adjust to these settings.  You will also drill pocket holes inside the outer frame for extra support.

Table top

Space your boards across your table marking where each board starts and stops.  Start your first board with a 1 inch overhang and work your way across.  Drill in your pocket holes in between each mark.  Your boards will then line up perfectly to attach to your base.

Finally it’s time to attach your table and bench tops!  Using your 1 1/4 Kreg Screws, attached each 2×6 to your bases.  Your table will use 7 boards cut to 72 inches and your bench will use 3 boards cut to 55 inches.  After all your boards are attached, use your power sander to sand the wood until it is smooth.  A grit of 220 or higher is best.  If using treated wood, you can leave your table and bench as is for outdoor use but I chose to stain the wood using Wise Owl Glaze in Java and top coated with Wise Owl Varnish in Satin.  I love using Glaze as a stain as you can get the same look as traditional stain but without all the chemicals and stink!