Designing with Décor Transfers

May 6, 2019 | Create, Paint

My FIRST time using a decor transfer!


Okay I know I am WAY late to the game here but oh my goodness!  I fell in love with the Rose Celebration decor transfer by [re]design with Prima months ago and purchased it without having a piece of furniture to use it on.  I searched and searched and finally found the perfect dresser!  I prepped, cleaned, and painted and then got to work applying the transfer.

The Process

I painted this dresser in Casement by Fusion Mineral Paint which is a soft yet pure white.  After the final coat I gave the dresser a light sanding and then started in on applying the transfer.  This transfer, Rose Celebration, came in six different pieces.  I used painters tape to apply a few pieces to be sure my spacing was correct.  Then it was go time!  I removed the backing of my first piece and placed it on the dresser.  Using a plastic putty knife, I applied medium pressure moving the knife back and forth on the transfer.  The transfer itself is very thin, so you want to bring the top sheet up slowly to be sure the transfer is adhered.  This particular design was naturally distressed which was very forgiving with any mistakes I made.  Using a sharp knife, I cut through all drawer gaps and finished with a 600 grit sanding over the entire design.  

floral dresser

This is probably my favorite project to date!  The process of applying the transfer was much easier than I anticipated.  I can’t wait to use more transfers and explore more of the [re]design with prima product line.  I am even more excited to share these products with you!  I have been approved as a retailer with Prima Marketing!  Watch for the website expansion soon!