Beautiful Floral Dresser

Oct 7, 2019 | Create, Paint

The inaugural Live Paint Series… 


Once I became a Wise Owl retailer and launched my online shop, I knew I needed to step up my online presence.  Live videos are HUGE in the creative community and are a great way to boost your reach on your Facebook page.  I have gone live a few times with small projects or unboxing new products but I wanted to do something different.  So I came up with this crazy idea to not only paint a project start to finish, but to invite my viewers to paint right along with me.  The Live Paint Series was created!

I put together a product bundle and developed a schedule to complete the project in four separate sessions live on my Facebook Business Page.  I began advertising the Paint Series and bundle pack in August to give viewers enough time to purchase their supplies and choose their piece.  Then Monday’s in September I started!  I went through all the steps to compete this project from start to finish including prep, painting, finishes, and applying a décor transfer.  For this project I used Wise Owl Paint Chalk Synthesis Paint in Higgins Lake and Sea Salt .  I lightly distressed the edges before brushing on Wise Owl Satin Varnish with my Cling-On S50.  Lastly, I applied the Imperial Garden décor transfer to the front of the piece.  After the entire transfer was on, I gave the edges another sanding to distress and then lightly sanded over the transfer with 400 grit sandpaper before applying another coat of varnish.

floral dresser